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170 apartments in key locations         Long term apartments & Vacation experts

Our Team

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Pompei Realty was founded by Dimitri and Alex Pompei with the goal of providing full service apartments for medium to long term rentals

(2 - 12 months) 

For more than 15 years now Pompei Realty has been providing high quality accommodations in Rome's beautiful city center to an extensive international clientele ranging from UN, FAO, WFP employees to international degree seeking students (JCU, AUR and Waterloo) as well as language school students and other expats.

All of our apartments are hand selected by our team and centrally located to allow for a hassle free transition into your new Roman Life.


Federica Pompei, Agent

Rentals & Legal

Federica has been working in Real Estate for over 10 years, is the master of rental contracts and can navigate Italian 

bureaucracy like no other. 

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Ruel Sariola, Agent

Vacation Expert

Ruel has 10 years of experience running exclusive AirBnB apartments in key locations in the heart of Rome.

Due to Ruel's professionalism Pompei Realty has year after year received 

awards as Super hosts.

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Chris Nilsson, Agent

Rentals & IT

Chris has been working in sales for nearly 20 years and applies his vast experience to meet every request and need our client has.

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Antonio Geremicca


Antonio has been working in real estate for 30+ years selling residential and commercial properties. A true expert in valuations and contractual bureaucracy. 

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Gianluca Sabato


Gianluca has over 20 years of experience maintaining, repairing and rebuilding Italian homes. He works in a timely and efficient manner to see jobs through to completion. He received positive comments from all of residents

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Art Cleaning

Cleaning Service

Art Cleaning are our trusted partner. The company has been collaborating with Pompei Realty for the last 5 years. Their professionalism and eye for details make them the best cleaning team in Rome.

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Mila Glushchenko

Property Manager

Mila is an enthusiastic and hard-working property manager with 3+ years of experience. She is involved in advertising and marketing a property; preparing vacant units for rent; taking care of property maintenance and repair; handling check out and other issues. 

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Fabio Crecca

Sales Agent

Fabio is a passionate and dynamic real estate consultant committed to helping clients achieve all their goals. Adopts thoughtful guidance and assistance at every stage of the real estate process.

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Caterina Lanza

Sales Secretary 

Caterina is our head secretary of our sales department. She is responsible for the sales process, including managing the sales process and sales activities, reporting to the owner, and providing a sales environment that supports business objectives.

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