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Let us help you find your dream home in Italy

Get exclusive access to Rome's most experienced Buyer Agents and let them show you how you can secure your dream home – even in today’s market!    


A Buyers Agency 100% Focused On The Buyer

Pompei Realty is a trusted Rome-based Real Estate Agency that provides a Buyer’s Agency service that exclusively acts for the buyer.  We act for you and your interest only.

Pompei Realty helps property investors build wealth and step closer to their financial freedom by finding and creating value-add properties in Rome, surrounding areas and all of Italy.

For investors, we talk a lot about value-add properties at Pompei Realty. Value-add properties have significant inherent value that property developers and experienced property investors understand and realise. We at Pompei Realty can guide many first-time investors in understanding these strategies and benefits.


For home owners, Pompei Realty also provides turnkey solutions for you if you’re simply too busy to find your dream property, or even if you find the whole process daunting and uncomfortable – leave the negotiation to us!

15 Years

Property Investment Experience

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Save time and money by having the best on your side.


We have access to off-market properties through our extensive network of selling agents and private sellers.

The real estate market in Rome is competitive. Finding your value-add property, dream family home, or development site can take a significant amount of time.

It’s a common story, searching week after week. Pompei Realty acts as your personal advocate, representing your personal interests to find, negotiate and secure your desired property.


We are 100% independent. We find every value-add property from properties we independently evaluate from the market at large.

100% Risk-Free and No Obligation Consultation


We work with a trusted network of professionals to assist you with all aspects of your property investment journey.

Fully Licensed

Our buyers agents Dimitri Pompei, Antonio Geremicca & Fabio Crecca are fully licensed real estate agents in Rome.

Buyer Focused

We only represent you the buyer, and never receive commission from developers or any service providers.

Free Consultation

Book a free consultation to find out more about how we work.


Our Services

Our clients enjoy unmatched price outcomes, ‘Off-Market’ opportunities, expert negotiation tactics, and a stress-free buying experience.

The Complete Buyers Agency Service

The Negotiation Service

The Negotiation Service

interior design / renovation

Renovating an apartment can be a wise investment decision for those seeking to maximize their income potential. However, determining the most effective approach to renovation can be challenging. At our company, we offer expert advice and services aimed at maximizing your income from property renovation.

Our team of experienced professionals possesses a wealth of knowledge regarding renovation techniques that will enhance the value of your apartment. We work with you to devise a tailored renovation plan that will enable you to increase your rental income or resale value.

Value-Add Investment Property

A niche specialty of Pompei Realty, and a real point of differentiation, our service is aimed at investors seeking long-term strategic outcomes with options. We target properties in specific geographical areas to maximise capital growth, while also enjoying favourable zoning for immediate and future development. Value-add properties give you options for the future, you have a property with all the options of a developer. You may never decide to develop yourself, however your property has that inherent benefit for future capital growth and rental return optimisation.

The Complete Buyers Agency Service

You may be a busy professional with limited time; or tired of the process of the continuous search, with no success. You may not be confident in working through the property sales cycle with its associated risk or you simply may have better things to do with your time than engaging in seemingly endless communication with Real Estate Agents who seem to be playing games and playing you off other potential buyers. Pompei Realty will deliver you a property, effectively taking care of the whole property acquisition process.

The Negotiation Service

After conducting thorough research, you may have developed a strong affinity for a specific property. However, given the presence of 30 other individuals interested in the property, the competition for securing the property can be fierce. At Pompei Realty, we can expertly manage the negotiation process on your behalf, employing efficient and strategic tactics to secure the property in a timely manner. Our extensive knowledge of the real estate market in Rome enables us to ensure that you acquire your dream home at the most optimal price.

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